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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 29, 2013 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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unwanted pregnancy. a catholic university is saying no to condoms. why the aclu is jumping in. six hours, that's not enough time to fly from new york to london but how long it takes to fly from earth to the international space station. boston college officials telling a student group to quit giving out condoms in the dorms. they don't fit with the private catholic school's values. now, the aclu is getting involved saying student rights might have been violated. elizabeth cohen is joining us from boston. first of all, the distributing condoms, how is this working? can they stop them? >> you know, this network of distribution for condoms is really quite complex. they do it on campus. they do it a little bit off campus. they also have a system, a website that tells students what dorm rooms are considered safe sites. you knock on the door and you can get a condom.
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this team of students say they have been very busy. >> we go through almost 2000 condoms for students that need them. it is very much an important need here. >> she says the need is so important, because at campus health services, they don't give out any contraception because they are a catholic university. >> how are they responding? the university is objected. the aclu has jumped into all of this. >> the university sent a pretty sternly worded letter to the students. i have it right here. what it says is that distributing condoms is not in concert with the teachings of boston college as a jesuit, catholic institution. they say if the students continue to do this, there could be disciplinary action. i spoke to a boston college spokesman. said, look, students have done this in other years too. this year got very public.
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if they had been more discrete, perhaps none of this would have happened. they could have kept delivering the condoms. a spokesman said he was given a condom when he walked out of ash wednesday services at the church. he felt it had gotten out of hand. >> elizabeth cohen, thank you very much. obviously, they are going to continue to fight that on campus. >> forget about the gangsters and bank robbers, the most popular document in the fbi's archive has to do with ufos. it has to do with that. brian todd. >> reporter: it is called the vault, where the bureau's most notorious cases. guess which is the most popular file? john dillinger, jimmy hauf fa? since we opened the vault, it has been this memo about flying discs and flying sauceers. it relates to an allegation that we heard from that the air force had found a couple of saucers in the new mexico desert.
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>> reporter: no, most want to read about machine gun kelly and al capone. >> this memo has gotten over 1 million page views since we put it up. alcapone doesn't make our top 50. >> reporter: it is all of two paragraphs, the head of the fbi's washington field officer writes that an air force investigator stated that three flying saucers had been recovered from new mexico, described as being circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50-feet in diameter. not only that, each one was occupied by three bodies of human shape but only three feet tall dressed in metallic cloth of a fine texture. each body was bandaged in a manner similar to the blackout suits used by speed fliers and test pilots. john fox is the fbi's historian. >> reporter: this was never followed up on, right? >> no further evaluation was attempted concerning the above, from what's written here, it
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looks like they thought it was third-hand information, not necessarily a hoax, which it could have been but someone was promoting hearsay. >> reporter: it was more for the air force to look into along with countless other reports of ufos in new mexico. when the fbi vault was set up on line two years ago, tabloids seized oen th seized on that memo saying it appeared to back up theories that aliens exist. >> reporter: there are hundreds of other pages in the fbi vault in the unexplained phenomenon section all about alien and ufo sightings. they are more popular than bonnie and clyde and ted bundy and other famous cases. >> reporter: cases involvingi
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osama bin laden. >> the description of 50-foot metallic saucers and aliens, that's unique. >> reporter: and, we can say a little frustrating for fbi officials that tell us it diverts attention from all the work they have done and the dangers they have faced through the years to capture fugitives and solve the nation's most difficult crimes. brian todd, cnn, washington. this is really cool. imagine being able to travel from earth to the international space station in less than six hours and took the crew soyuz capsule to get that. new york to london, seven hours. a person might be able to walk 18 hours in six hours. you can't drive to the state of florida in that amount of time. chad meyers tells us it took the crew two days. it used to take them two days to get to the space station. now, we are talking a little bit of time. >> the space station isn't that
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high above earth. it shouldn't take that long. they got it right. they put the iss right over the launch site. as the launch came up, the i.s.s. grabbed it. you have to catch up to it, because you are moving really fast. we haven't been able to do that in the past. it takes a couple days to catch up to this thing, because it is moving so fast. today with this launch, it went up, it was there and it was already moving and they captured it within six hours and moved that. >> how are they able to do that again? >> if you think about taking a ball, a football and you are throwing it downfield to a receiver, if he is running across the field and it gets to him at the exact right time, it is a better pass. if the receiver has to go one way or the pass is going the other way. they perfectly timed this out so when they took the i.s.s., they raised it to get the next orbit over the cosmodrome. perfect catch. >> is there any disadvantage?
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>> all good. it is less costly because they have to use less fuel to catch up to it if they can do it so quickly. >> can they do it again? will they do it more often? >> it has never been done. they have sent cargo ships up this fast but never tried it with six people inside. hey, let's try it with people this time. >> what were they going through? >> it was not a risk, no risk at all. perfect timing for where the i.s.s. was compared to where the rocket went up. >> not motion sickness? >> same speed. a better catch. >> thank you, chad. appreciate it. here is what's coming up for this hour. about 7,000 people will receive letters saying they could be at risk for getting hepatitis or hiv. that was because an oak objecting dentist is accused of putting his patients at risk. we are going to hear from one patient who could actually be at risk. then, bracelets, earrings and dirty laundry, how the founders of claire's jewelry store chain were allegedly
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targeted in a $3 million blackmail scheme some parents are outraged over the victoria's secret, bright young things collections. it features phrases like, call me or let's make out. some parents say this lingerie line geared towards tweens is oversexualizing girls. tell us what you think. at "cnn newsroom." it is all happening now. wrinklr has the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. ensure high protein...
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-free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. visits to the dentist turn into a health scare for 1,000 people. 7,000 patients of an oklahoma dentist, scott harrington might have been exposed to hiv and hepatitis. they were shocked by the violations they found. state health department is offering free hiv and hepatitis screening to the patients who had dental work done there over the past six years. ed lavandera has the latest on the investigation. also, we have colton scott, one of dr. harrington's patient. what kind of health violations are we talking about in this dentist office.
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>> reporter: a long list of allegations made against the doctor when they came in here just a couple of weeks ago. they started taking a closer look and inspecting the tools and instruments that the doctor and his assistants were using. in some cases, they found some of the instruments had been rusted away. they say that is important, because it is impossible to stair looiz those after they have been used. remember, this is an oral surgeon. this isn't someone who isn't just doing simple cleanings. these are invasive procedures. a lot of blood involved. it is impossible to sterilize equipment that has been rusted health owe visions say. as well as assistants that are not qualified to do the work they were doing. on the couple of days they went to inspect the offers, they literally walked out of the dentist office feeling sick. >> ed, what happens next here?
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where is this guy? where is this dentist? >> reporter: we haven't been able to track him down. we have reached out to his office and his attorney. we have been told that he is not in the city of tulsa. he has left the state. we have tried desperately to try to reach out to him. what happens next is looks like health officials and health investigators are preparing for possible criminal charges, not only against the doctor but also his assist stapts. no charges have been filed yet. health investigators say they are in contact with the officers here in dull sa. he was your dentist, right? >> i was referred to this surgeon from my family dentist. i had to get my wisdom teeth pulled. my family dentist send me to him to get my wisdom teeth taken
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out. >> you are in the dentist chair, in the office here and you are getting your wisdom teeth pulled. did you suspect there was anything wrong? did you see dirty instruments. what was your experience with this guy. >> when you walk into his office, his office was e-mack c immaculate. super nice. he, himself, wanted to make you feel very comfortable, make you feel at ease and not anxious whatsoever. his assistants as well, they were all super nice, very professional. >> so colton, now, there is the possibility that you might have been exposed to hiv or hepatitis. has anybody talked to you about this? are you going to get tested? what is your reaction to what be down the road? >> they are offering free testing tomorrow from 10:00 to 2:00 here in tulsa at the tulsa health department.
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i'm sure with 7,000 plus people being possibly exposed to this, it will just be crazy. it will just be madness. i do plan on getting tested as well as my mother, my uncle and my cousin were all exposed to this as well. we all went to this doctor. >> does it make you angry, the fact that your own health might be at risk here? >> yeah, for sure. that's the last thing in the world that you are going to think going in to get your wisdom teeth out that you are going to be exposed to hiv or hepatitis. that's something that never would have crossed my mind in a million years. >> how is your family reacting to this? they must be very worried as well? >> yeah, yeah. we are all very concerned and apprehensive. we just don't know until we do get tested whether or not. it is just one of those things. we are all very, very concerned. >> you say the dentist was a
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nice guy. he treated you well. do you have anything to say to him? we've been trying to reach him. nobody can get ahold of him. do you have anything you would like to say to the dentist? >> yeah, why? why would you let these practices go on for so long and not take the proper precautions in sanitizing your equipment, your tools, the things that you perform form surgery on people? how could you do this to so many people for so long? >> colton, thank you very much. we certainly hope that you and your family when you get tested, that everything is okay, that you are healthy and everything comes out okay in all of this. thanks to ed lavandera as well. the latest on the investigation. we are going to keep in touch with you and see where the deptivity is and what kind of charges he faces next. republican congressman, don
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>> pope francis presided over his first good friday service. later, the pope will head to the coliseum where he will lead the stations of the cross. holy week will conclude on easter sunday when he delivers a special blessing. republican congressman, don young, used a word widely viewed as an ethnic slur. he is trying to head off the backlash. here is what he said during a radio interview earlier this week. >> my father had a ranch. we used to hire 5 to 60 wetbacks and pick tomatoes. it takes two people to pick the same tomatoes now. it is all done by machine. >> so young stopped short of issuing an apology. he said he meant no disrespect but a nonapology might not sit well with some of the republican leadership who have been speaking out saying the party needs to be more effective in
10:21 am
reaching out to all kinds of groups. i want to bring in our chief political correspondent, candy crowley. what's the inside discussion, the scoop, if you will, among republicans that are looking at this and thinking, okay, this doesn't sit well? we've been moving ahead making some progress. it is one step back. >> you don't have to go inside anything that's happening in secret. you kind of just have to look at your e-mail, incoming. you have to look at twitter. we've already heard from reince previs. john boehner said, i don't care what the excuse is here, what this means is an immediate apology. legislation came out and said, there needs to be an apology. john core nan who helps elect
10:22 am
republicans to the u.s. senate came out and said to say. they are thinking, good heavens. it sort of hearkens back to bobby jindal, governor of louisiana, coming out and saying, we have to stop being the stupid party because so many statements that were deemed so outrageous during the campaign, that they just made headlines and took away from what republicans felt they were really trying to do on the good side. so this is unhelpful. >> unhelpful. that's a diplomatic way of putting it, i'm sure. the president is focusing on the economy as well. this is something that he is trying to push forward. what is on his plate for the weekend? >> what he is doing actually now is he is heading down to miami to sort of highlight and infrastructure project at a port there, port miami. a sea port where it has taken
10:23 am
federal funds, i think some state and local funds and also some private investment. he is trying to highlight the need for infrastructure investment. that means spending on roads and houses and sea ports. the problem is while the president is stressing let's bring in the private sector here and they can do some investment. improved infrastructure helps businesses. the problem is, any time the republicans hear this sort of thing, let's improve the infrastructure, they say great. where are you going to find the money? this requires money. it isn't that people differ on whether america's infrastructure needs improving. this is a spending fight. it will continue to be at least part of the spending fight. >> no doubt. candy, appreciate it. as always. of course, you can watch candy crowley, state of the union, this sunday at 9:00 a.m. eastern. she will be talking about senator lindsey graham. the daughter of john edwards
10:24 am
says she was devastated by her father's affair with real hunter. kate edwards talked about the scandal that ended her father's political career in an interview with nbc's savannah guthrie. >> yeah, i was devastated and disappointed. these are my parents. i had grown up with a lot of love in my family and it was hard to see them go through this. >> were there times when you didn't talk to your dad? >> i don't think we ever went through that, no. we're a family of talkers. >> she is now happy her dad has been at least cleared of illegal charges. embrace those earrings, dirty secrets, how the founders of the claire's jewelry store chain were targeted in a $3 million blackmail scheme. up next.
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the jodi arias murder trial costing taxpayers a lot of money. official documents show that arizona's maricopa county has paid more than $1.4 million so far for arias' defense. the trial is expected to last for several more weeks. so how much is it going to cost? capital murder suspects in arizona are guaranteed two lawyers that can handle death penalty cases. they are also allowed to hire an investigator and other experts to help in their defense. there is also big money in tr g trinkets set for tweens and teens. one woman is trying to get at that market. you probably haven't heard of this family of multimillionaires but it is likely you have seen, shopped or got your ears pierced at one of
10:29 am
the accessory stores they created. they are the victims of a blackmail plot caught on videotape. >> $3 million? >> that's the minimum that's the minimum. >> they are not going to agree to $3 million. >> the woman on the tape is camille brown, the daughter of the long-time housekeeper for roland schaefer, the man who first opened claire's access sorry stores. i feel that the family shouldn't even think twice about paying that amount to get this material back. >> the material, brown says she has embarrassing letters and journals detailing domestic abuse in the schaefer home? >> reporter: these court documents say that camille brown came to this hotel thinking she would be meeting with a family representative instead, an undercover officer that recorded their conversation. >> i don't doubt that you have the documents but what we're saying is we want the documents
10:30 am
back so they're not a threat to be released anymore. >> brown was arrested in the parking lot charged with extortion. it began days after her mom was fired. in an e-mail, brown's attorney denies any extortion and says brown was given the letters by roland schaefer's own wife. not true, schaefer family attorney, william shepherd, told us. adding this is about taking advantage of an elderly couple. >> many family members rely and trust on the help of trained professionals that are going to look ahmed cal needs and day to day needs of elderly parents. this was one of those situations. unfortunately, it ended the way it did with trust betrayed. >> and, they want their journals and letters back. brown isn't talking but in the court file, a draft agreement she sipsed. she promises if she gets the $3 million, all efforts to coerce, control, blackmail or extort the
10:31 am
schaefer family will end. >> so that letter i just showed you, that document actually came from a civil suit filed by the family. why? they want those letters and journals back. if camille brown is convicted, she could face up to 15 years in prison. >> thank you. i appreciate it. a decade ago, 27% of americans supported same-sex marriage. now, more than 50% say it should be legal. why the change? coming up on how the issue has made pol titicians on both side lean center. some parents outraged over victoria's bright new things campaign. some feature call me and let's make out. parents are protesting. tweet me. tell us what you think.
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wae in.
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we don't expect the supreme court ruling until june. the fact that they are considering this issue it is evidence of how far and how fast the gay rights issues have advanced. he says, the right has already lost the fight. >> this issue is lost.
10:35 am
i don't care what the supreme court does, this is now inevitable. once we started talking about gay marriage, traditional marriage, opposite sex marriage, heteromarriage, we lost. it was over. it was just a matter of time. this is the point a friend of mine sent me a note about. once you decide to modify the word marriage, then the other side has won. >> we want to bring in john avalon, senior political news columnist for daily beast. good to see you in person. >> a pleasure. >> you and i were talking about this. i don't know when you graduated from college. within my college days, it was a debate within the gay community. it was considered too radical for mainstream to accept that idea that there would be a
10:36 am
backlash if you pushed too fast, too soon. how did we get to this point? >> that's what's so fascinating. that's why i wrote this piece. this has run from march into the mainstream. a decade ago, only 26% of americans were okay with same-sex marriage. now, it is 50%. 60% of evangelicals under age 30. this is an change we are experiencing. there was a lot of confrontational tactics, the street theater approach. that can alien nate more people than it attracts. what has happened in recent years around this issue is that we had activists that are coming together. they argue the case in front of
10:37 am
the supreme court this week. >> you don't hear gay marriage. you hear same-sex marriage and marriage equality which is very different in how you phrase things and how you think about a relationship. >> absolutely. language matters. this is a fascinating story in itself. the phrase marriage equality works well with liberal democrats. we are in the midst of what is seen as a civil rights movement for the gay community. libertarians like the phrase, freedom to marry. it stresses individual initiative, individual choice and that libertarian ideal. words matter. they help depolarize the debate and build bridges. that what you need to break the law. >> could this be a model for something else? give me another example of something that we have a culture war issue even if it is legalizing marijuana or whatever it might be to emulate that strategy? >> i think there is a deeper
10:38 am
story here. there is a strategic insight you can apply across the cultural issues. whether it is legalizing marijuana or maybe even abortion, which is a difficult one for people, certainly immigration. we are seeing it now. you are seeing the fact that the activists are deeply pola polar. the majority of americans are not. when you start building on it and disentrawling themselves with this rhetoric, you can get these massive breakthroughs. all of the sudden, when people shift from positional bargaining and fighting to problem solving, that's what we saw in this issue. >> how relevant is it when you have people like angelina jolie and brad pitt saying we are not going to get married until everybody has a right to get married? all these celebrities and popular people weighing in on this. does it make a difference? >> i think it does. politics and pop culture
10:39 am
intersect in a way that resonates beyond the halls of congress. the increased number of celebrities who are out and comfortable with who they are and sang it changes people's mind and assumptions. the biggest issues isn't just politics. the number of gays and lesbians has increased in society. it allows us to move forward. >> thanks again, john. appreciate it. these adds push some parents over the edge. they started to petition a protest of a lingerie line aimed at girls from victoria's secret. we are going to hear from one parents who wants companies like victoria's secret to stop turning daughters into sex objects.
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sexy clothing marketed to girls, nothing new. two years ago, you saw abercrombie and fits raising eyebrows with the push-up bikini tops for girls. some parents say victoria's secret has gone too far. they are upset over the new line called bright young things, including underwear printed with phrases like call me, feeling lucky and wild. there is also videos showing young models dancing on the beachwearing bikinis. i want to bring in diane cherry, mother of four, including
10:43 am
daughters. she says, enough is enough. she has starred in an online petition calling on victoria's secret to pull this campaign. she is joining us from seattle. good to see you. glad you are on the program. you have thousands of people who are weighing in signing this petition online. tell us what the main objection is to this. victoria's secret, they say, this is for young women, not necessarily for young girls. >> sure. well, the first marketing image that i saw was of a model that looks extremely young. next to her image it said, bright young things. i don't feel our children are things. i feel like the image of that model was an intentionally ambiguous image of a very young girl. so that's what made me angry initially. the underwear themselves, the messages on them are not great images for our young girls. i started a petition, because i wanted other people to be able to have a voice, to say they agree, this is not the type of
10:44 am
marketing victoria's secret should be using to reach a demographic that's really inappropriate for them. >> i want to bring out the spokesperson for victoria's secret saying the bright young things slogan was used in part of the college break tradition in a collection they say is meant for college age women. since that controversy, they have pulled that line from some stores and off the website. you have gotten so many people weighing in on this. some people say, well, look, you know, if you don't like it, you don't have to buy it. you don't have to wear it. you don't even have to pay the attention to. how do you respond? >> well, that's true if i don't like it, i don't personally have to buy it. my girls are six, five, and two. so i'm not concerned that my particular daughters are going to buy this particular underwear. it is about something much bigger. it is about when girls repeatedly see images that tell them their only value is sex and when they are objecty phied
10:45 am
through marketing and that message is coming at them at every moment, they start to believe that. this just pressures them to feel like they have to be too sexy too soon. if there was an individual who was talking to our daughters this way, saying to them, over and over, you need to be sexy, you need to be beautiful to be accepted and loved, we would speak out and not allow that person into our homes or into our lives anymore. we don't necessarily speak out when companies do this. that's what they are doing, saying to our daughters over and over again that they are not good enough, that they need this particular product that only furthers the message that girls are objects. >> diane, you are bringing up a very good point. a lot of people are weighing in. our viewers. we asked them to weigh in on this. one said, we agree. this market should be off limits, money-making ploy at the expense of kids' child hoods. another says, how about not buying it if you don't like it? there are so many people that
10:46 am
feel very passionately about this type of thing. where do you begin where you start to value young girls aside from sexualizing them? >> right. that's a great question, where do you begin? i think that's a question i've asked myself a lot. so that's why i started this campaign, because there are a lot of people asking, why this? why now? my answer to that question is, why not this? why not now? we have to start somewhere in saying this isn't okay. this isn't the message we want for our young girls and holding companies accountable to be creating products that empower young girls not that objecty phi them in this way. >> diana cherry, thank you so much. i appreciate you opening the discuss and the debate. clearly, victoria's secret paying very close attention to what you are saying in your petition and your call to action. thanks again, diana. i appreciate it. the stock market closed for good friday, s&p 500 closed yesterday at a record high. is it time to invest. we're going to tell you how to
10:47 am
make the most of your savings up next. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec® at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours. zyrtec®. love the air. active aero grille shutters to improve aerodynamics. so it can offer an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon, the best highway fuel economy of any gas engine in america. that's american ingenuity. to find new roads. lookin' good, flo! feelin' good! feelin' real good! [ engine revs ] boat protection people love. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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we replaced people with a machine.r, what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello?
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ally bank. your money needs an ally. stock markets are closed before good friday. the s&p set a record high. so is it actually a good time to invest? well, ali velshi and christine romans explains in this week's how to speak money. >> thanks, okay. look, this is the end of the quarter, the end of the first three months. sort of how you should look at your investments, should check it every quarter. but this is the best performing first quarter for the dow since 1998. about 15 years or so. >> that's right. it was a really good double digit return. you would love these returns if you had them for a year. here is a case for buying stocks. you illustrate the case for buying stocks.
10:51 am
>> why should you buy stocks? couple of reasons, fed stimulus. qe-3, the fed prints money, throws it into the economy, the net result is that interest rates are so low there is nothing else to do with your money except buy a house for a low mortgage or put it in the stock market. number two, there is no alternative. connected to number one. what else are you going to do that is going to get you these kinds of returns. prices are at a fair value. a price to earnings ratio, how much is the price of the stock versus what are the earnings. they are lower today than they were five years ago when we hit those records in october of 2007. those are the reasons in favor of investing. >> you don't know when it is going end to, right? here are the cases against buying stocks right now. you got this issue with europe's recession. the u.s. is going up, the economy is going up, europe is going down. u.s. consumers are strapped. we don't know how much oxygen
10:52 am
the consumer has if the jobs don't come back and profit taking. this is the most important one. at some point, people are going to start to say, i got 10%, i got 15% over the last year, i'm going to start to take money off the table. >> and invest it in something else. >> that's when you start to see the market. >> we're both in agreement that generally speaking most people should be invested in a balanced way of all the time. but just because we're setting records doesn't mean you shouldn't be in the market right now and just because it is setting records doesn't mean you shouldn't be. >> one last point, if it is money you're going to need in the next year, 18 months, you should not be buying stocks right now. it should be risk capital you're putting in the stock market you don't need to use. right? >> that's right. the end of the quarter, check your 401(k), check your i.r.a., see how it is doing, rebalance it, sell some of the winners. we'll be back with more. >> all right. >> thank you. here, atlanta, home of cnn's world headquarters, a transportation hub, now almost 200 years on, a hub, a big one, now it is for planes rather than
10:53 am
trains. atlanta's haerairport has been d as the busiest passenger airport in the world. more than 95 million passengers pass through hartsfield jackson international airport last year. beijing's capital international is the second biggest. and heathrow in london in third with more than 70 million. an actor best known for his work in harry potter, richard griffiths, he has died. he played harry's uncle. >> in my opinion, why is that, dudley? >> because there is no post on sunday. >> right you are, harry. >> griffiths died yesterday after complications from heart surgery. he was 65. clive davis helped shape the careers and like whitney houston, alicia keys and janis joplin but is still looking for the next big star. we'll hear from him just ahead. plus, how this fgcu head coach and his model wife became
10:54 am
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[ loud r&b on car radio ] i'm going on break! the more you bundle, the more you save. now, that's progressive. clive davis says he's searching for his next big hit. he's the man behind whitney houston, alicia keys and janice joplin. he says he's always looking for
10:57 am
fresh new talent. >> i take none of this ever for granted to this day, so that i keep my ear fresh. i'm afraid of going over the hill. so i make sure peers of mine do go over the hill. i make sure i listen to every new record tass has it hits thes so it takes vigilance and you build in expertise that the a artist is trusting you to give you the opportunity to work with them and their career. >> you can learn more about davis' life and his legendary career in his new memoir called soundtracks of my life. and now, march madness, down to 12 teams. one of the stars of today's sweet 16 round is an upstart school from florida. as rachel nickels reports, it is a true cinderella story. watch. >> reporter: florida gulf coast has all the ingredients of an ncaa darling, a small school taking down giants with flashy play and a catchy nickname.
10:58 am
as the boys of dunk city try to do it again tonight, their confidence hasn't waned. >> people ask me, do i think we can win? yeah, i think we can win. i'm a head coach. i'm not going to say, no, i don't think we can win. we're going to go in and win that game. >> reporter: you can't blame head coach andy enfield for thinking fgcu can carry off the upset. amanda markham used to grace the pages of vogue and the runways of paris, but also a big basketball fan. you guys actually it sounds like have the ncaa tournament to thanks for your entire marriage, right? >> you could say that, yes. i was going up to boston to see oklahoma state play in the tournament, and instead of flying, my friend i was going with knew andy and he -- we found out he was driving so we just bummed a ride and here we are. >> reporter: did you make her pay for gas or anything like that? >> no, i was happy to pick that tab up. >> reporter: when you google amanda's name, the modeling
10:59 am
pictures come up. a bunch of hormonal teenagers that you coach, how you to deal with that? >> she was so successful, flew all over the world, she's done such a wide variety of modeling shoots with blouses and jeans and outfits and -- >> clothes. >> a lot of clothes. but the only thing you see on the internet are the swimsuit and lingerie. >> reporter: the enfield story has only added to the fgcu fairy tale and the charm of their three young children who also can be found in the stands. though they may be the only ones not caught up in the eagles run. >> my oldest daughter goes to target and gets to buy a dinosaur from the dollar bin that was promise affidavit we g -- promised after we got back from the tournament. >> they hit me up after the first game and said, can we get another one if you win the second game. at that point, sure. >>